Part III of The Multi-Conscious Mind and How To Use It Psychically

When I left this shit off, back in part II…

I was rambling on about how the brain is split into two consciousnesses, how they are actually your parent’s ‘living’ consciousnesses, and how they are constantly bickering back and forth in your brain. Turns out, they also want to you to have psychic powers. Sure, they want you to read other people’s minds too, predict the future, see objects a thousand miles away, and even turn on the TV without touching the remote control, but let’s review the ground work first for a goddamned second.

Cut the Curtains

We are a lot of people in one body.

Sounds iffy? Sorry, but if you think about it, it’s not that crazy. We are bilateral creatures, meaning we can be split into two equal parts. Each side of the body, the left and right side are controlled by the left and right brain. Okay, whatever.

But what would happen if you really split the brain into two separate parts? Well, the sick bastards have done it, and run all sorts of zany experiments along the way with the unfortunate patients. They’re called Split Brain patients. Most of them sustained enormous amounts of seizures throughout their lives. And the only way to ‘fix’ the problem, apparently, was to cut the delicate wiring located between both hemispheres of the brain called the Corpus Callosum.

The Corpus Callosum is sort of like a bridge that info travels back and forth on in the brain, crossing over to the left and right sides respectively at will. Hmm,…I wonder what would happen if I were to just cut this little bridge in half?


 Viola! Bon Appetite–H. Lecter

Not only did the surgery stop the seizures in the patients though. It created a whole nother damn mess, entirely. Now the patients, when asked to use their left hand or right hand to do something, the hand, amazingly would do the opposite. In a series of tests, experimenters found that each half of the brain, now unable to communicate with each other effectively, had totally different personalities.

This lead to some interesting experiments.




Duh…The Split Brain patients could no longer decipher what the left or right side of the body was seeing, much less doing. When asked a series of questions about what they were seeing on a computer screen and asked to name it, they couldn’t name it, but the dissociated left side of the body could draw it. 


The patient in the above video could function normally, but viewed the world now through a disparate sense, whereby each side of the brain was constantly discovering what the other was doing, thinking, and sensing.



 Sure, the patient’s seizures had stopped, but now they had turned into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at the same time.


So what’s going on here? Why is there seemingly two separate entities being displayed in these Split Brain patients? Could it be because that delicate little bridge now cut was the only way for your Mommy and Daddy to communicate with each other, agree on things, or disagree, and make the body behave in a normal, orderly fashion?

Questions, questions.

After much practice, the split brained patients were able to begin to function normally again, though very slowly, indicating that the Corpus Callusom, alone, is not resposible for complete autonomis functinig withint the human brrrain.

What is the point? If you haven’t caught on by now, please god help me.

Your brain contains two, living, breathing entities called your mom and your dad. They are active minds, inside your mind. They control you. Split Brain patients exhibit this type of control factor in that when they are separated from each other, bodily control, goes right out the friggin’ window. Good luck wiping your ass.

That’s just one example of a medical malady that indicates we are multiple people functioning in one body.

Then there is Multi-personality complexes, where people seem to be different people at different times. Here we have different consciousnesses vying for expression with in the brain. Our personalities are always changing, in fact. They change to fit the situation.

The Evolutionary Conscious Ladder

With the human mind, the left and right sides are built of generations of special evolution, whereby each generation adds a layer, or a rung on the ladder of your complete consciousness. This happens physiologically as well as psychologically. With evolution, we are able to see the ancient parts of the brain, where our forefathers and foremothers first built the lower levels of the lymbic system, and how over time, with each generation, new parts were added. If you go back far enough, you can see our reptilian brain. That means, yeah, we were once reptiles. This is because we share the same parts of the brain in that area, as say, an alligator.

So, we are built up physically of different creatures, so why not also psychologically? You still have an alligator personality in your brains, so to speak.

On this long and twisting ladder with in each hemisphere of the brain (left/female, right/male) there still exists these different kinds of species of animals that came together to make up…you. And as long as they are there physically, they are also there psychologically. That means, that they are still alive. Yeah, that worm you used to be when the Earth was a big volcano, is still writhing around inside of you.

Beyond The Skull

So, now that I’ve bored you with theory about how the mind is all these creatures’ consciousnesses that are able to communicate with each other, how does all this fit in with psychic abilities?

Here it is:

We are all connected. Yep. It’s a simple as that. We are connected with Everything. Everything alive, and everything not alive. We all share chemical make ups that are found in rocks, birds, humans, and even stars. If you’ve ever studied Biology, you’ll know that living things actually come from non-living elements. Atoms, which are just balls of energy, make up molecules, which make up, compounds, with make up cells, which make up tissues, which make up organs, which make up brains, hands, toes…you get the idea. But scientists disagree just where along the line something actually ‘comes’ to life. Most think it is in the cellular step, but if cells are made up of non-living chemicals like sulfur, carbon, water, etc…doesn’t it make more sense just to say that these singular elements, themselves, are actually alive to begin with? Yeah, I guess so, says my other half…whatever.


So…so…so…if we are made of the same stuff as EVERYTHING around us, that must mean only one thing. That we be down with the trees, rocks, birds, and the bees in the most intimate of ways–We share electrons. ZAPPP!!!


Electrons are the things of life. It is electricity. Electricity is where info travels into and out of. Think of your computer. It uses electric signals converted into binary code to make up that pretty awesome screen saver of colored squares and triangles shape shifting around on your screen. It’s something that simple that creates something that complex. That’s the idea.

Okay, now multiply that times about a trillion trillion times. Since, in our paper thin theory, everything is alive and shares this electrical energy, that must mean that objects themselves, like your desk, must have the same wants and desires as you, yourself. Now go feed your desk a sandwich and watch it thank you.

This energy is especially easy to share between people. Basically, energy is not just contained in the frame of the body, it is extended out through the univeeeerrrrrrsssseahhshit! tst tst stsstsshhhhhuggghhh…gotta stop.



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The Multi-Conscious Mind and How to Use It Psychically: Part Deux II

Welcome to Part II of The Multi-Conscious Mind!

In this brief post, I’ll go over some of things I’ve learned about how to use all those different you’s running around in your head…psychically.

Yes, you heard it right. Psychically. Like an X man or something.

In the last post, I went over how the left and right sides of your brain are actually your Mom’s and Dad’s consciousness living through your own. Not confusing. The left brain, your left side of the body are all being controlled primarily by the female part of your body. The right side, is controlled by the male. Okay. Now look at just one side of your body, say the left side. That side has two parts as well. They are the parents of your Mom–Your grandparents. So that means just the left side of you body, although it is primarily under the control of the female aspect of your person, it itself has another female and male built into it, controlling it. So that means, overall, both sides of your body have entangling female and male sides that are expressed at different levels throughout your consciousness. I know that’s a mindful to take in. But not really if you look at it this way: It took two people to make you. It took four people to make the two people to make you. It took eight people to make the four to make the two to make you…and so on. That’s how it looks from the outside looking in, anyway. But now to something beyond that.

Once you’ve grasped the very, extremely simple concept of the multi-conscious mind, it’s all fun and games from here on out baby. Yeah, like you can ‘project’ these consciousness into the void of space, and totally spy on people from afar. Yep. And you can ‘feel’ when someone is sneaking up on you, by tapping into the energy waves coming around the corner from their brain. Yeah. And, you can move stuff with your mind, see the future, and even manipulate the past (more on this awesome theory later. It’s a theory, but when put into practice can make you feel very cool).

So, all this psychic stuff is the stuff of fiction, right? Wrong. There is evidence of it being tested throughout time. Just this century we had Russell Targ, preeminent psychic scientist working with the CIA to locate foreign objects using remote viewing. We also had Edgar Cayce, psychic medium who would enter into a trance to diagnose patients with medical diseases…thousands of miles away.

Those are just a couple. Then there’s the modern research that is taking place right now that is looking at psychic phenomenon in a new, scientific light. Just a couple of months ago, a psychology grad student in Ottawa Canada was the first person to ‘record’ and actual out of body experience. She used an MRI machine and a whole lot of patience. They were ultimately able to get the images of the brain though, and found that the locations in the brain that usually light up when a person is walking, was lighting up just the same, only the grad student hadn’t moved a muscle since she was stuffed into the MRI machine at the moment. Weird, huh?

Yeah, and there’s a lot more that I cannot type for the excitement of wanting to continue onto some other stuff: Like how you can do some psychic stuff, using only a little training.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a self help blog. I don’t really care if you get it, or don’t. But it’s still fun to try.

Okay, first things first. You need to start talking to yourself. For real. Out loud, then slowly asking yourself questions without moving your lips. This prompts you to answer the questions you ask your self. No, I’m not asking you to make yourself crazy. We are all already crazy to begin with. I’m just asking you to start thinking of yourself as two people. Wow, that’s still a lot to ask.

What I mean is, you need to start separating the left and right hemispheres of the brain. So start by doing nothing.

1. Sit still in a quiet place.

2. When you have a thought, push it away.

3. When it comes back, with a vengeance, push it away harder.

4. Do nothing.

5. Breath slow on purpose.

6. Listen.

The last step was just to listen. That is not listen to the outside world. But to the one inside your head. You should hear yourself saying something like, “This is stupid,” or “I really need to go the bathroom.” But Ignore them! Do not listen!


Wait…who is the voice talking to? Well, you were talking to yourself. You were giving yourself a command, a want for something to happen. So in essence there was one voice speaking to another potential listener. Well, I have to break it to you. This is your left and right side. One is listening. The other is talking.

The reason I am stressing listening to the voices going on in your head, is because once you can choose to listen to them, and respond or not, is when you can truly appreciate them for they are. They are the communications from your inner selves. Your grandparents, parents, and so forth.

It’s a short trip from this to the funny farm, I know. But the theory goes like this: Once you can separate these consciousness, learn from Whoah!! Slow down!!…too much info!Image







The Multi-Conscious Mind and How to Use It Psychically


Hi, this is my second post. It is about a theory about consciousness, and how it pertains to what parapsychologists call psychic events. 

Parapsychology is easy to understand. Not to be confused with regular old ‘psychology’, Parapsychology extends way beyond just what is happening in our own minds and focuses on how our minds work with and interact with other minds around us. Here’s an example:

A man is thinking about his recently deceased girlfriend. He is thinking about the last time he saw her, when a friend comes up and says, “Wow, you look down. Did someone die?”

What made the friend think such a thing, just from seeing a friend for just a few seconds? Could it be posture? Body language? Or maybe a sad expression? Or, could it be that such a traumatic event occurring within an individual cannot be contained, thus it is picked up by everyone around them.

We have minds. Yes. Not just one. But many. They exist in the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The left side is your mom’s consciousness, the right side is your Dad’s. The left side Mom’s is made up of her Mom’s and Dad’s, just like your right side Dad’s is made up of his Mom’s and Dad’s consciousness. Kind of confusing? Here’s a diagram:



Sorry, that’s my college Id. Here’s the diagram:




Anyway, both sides of the brain are split over and over again, each split being your ancestors consciousnesses going back in time all the way back to when everything was primitive. Like cave men. Even before that, when humans were just worms, or something like that. So, in effect, that same worm consciousness is still inside you, way down deep in the lower level parts of the brain (maybe in the brain stem area). And here’s the fun part–all of these consciousnesses are still alive inside you.

Remember that little voice you hear sometimes, telling you to do something, or warning you to slow down, or go faster, or wash the dog, or all those other things you remember sometimes. Well, it’s not because you are crazy. It’s because that you are telling yourself to do these things. But how can you tell yourself something? Isn’t there only ‘one’ of you? Wrong. There is a lot of you. That voice is one of many consciousnesses that are trapped inside your brain’s physiology that is communicating with you. Yes, you are you, but remember you are also your Mom, and your Dad. Think of these voices as really being your Mom’s voice, or your Dad’s.

When it comes to biology, we are bilateral creatures. Meaning we can be divided equally into two parts if you were to split us down the middle from our heads to our butts. Why two sides? Because we come from two different people–guess who.

Your Mom is your left side, the so called submissive side, and your right side is your Dad, the dominant side. If you are male, the right side is more pronounced and you have a submissive/submissive feminine nature. If you are female, then you have a submissive/dominant side that is masculine in nature. These are characteristics vary in degree of behavior display, and can be altered by choice to suit certain situations. Thus you can have ‘gay’ people, who are using their submissive sides more than their dominant one that is evident the phenotype of their sex. There’s way more to it, too, like left handed people, and so much more. Phew … that’s a lot to type.


So these different right side, left side, female, male, submissive, dominant consciousnesses are all boiling under the surface of who we are. That’s why we have ‘split’ brain syndromes, ‘split’ personality disorders, voices in our heads, and a myriad of so many other different so called ailments going on in our heads that have a seemingly ‘twoness’ to them.

Way cooler is that you are still you. Yes. There might be crap loads of different people that are roaming around in your head, all talking to each other under the surface in your subconscious, like the worm talking to your Mom, but you are still you. You are your own person. You have this kind of outer being that is seen by other people that is perceived as being just one person. And it’s this oneness that is most true. Sure, your Mom might remind you of something, and your Dad might direct traffic, but they are doing it in the shell that is you. And this you is separate from them. It is like, you are not you unless you are viewed as being you from the outside. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you don’t exist at all unless some else does too. Weird. Yeah, I know. Go Schrodinger’s cat

Anyway, I’m tired of writing. I’ll try to explain about how all this ties into psychic phenomenon in the part Deux of this article. It will be about how you can use your consciousness for ESP, telekinesis, Chi, and other kinds of psychic things like remote viewing. It’s all pretty self explanatory, and all you need is an open mind. But considering how much junk I just put in there, you might need to forget everything I just said and come back later. ha ha.

Anyway, I leave you with a song. Peace.





Howdeez, Velcommonn Due Ze Randallmckay Veb Blog

Hello, I decided to start a blog because I would like to document some things about my life. Like what I think from time to time, when I think at all, and just stuff about what I like, and dislike. Yes, there is that possibility as well.

Anyway, I start this off knowing I’m one in 7 billion people on this planet who have ideas, share them, and need and appreciate someone to relate to in their lives. I am one of these people, and I am proud of it. But not to waste time…

My name is David Randall McKay. I was born in the year 1981 in Houston, Texas. I have traveled the Eastern coast line of the United States, the Mid West, and even the Rocky Mountains several times. I have written a rock album, written a book, and experienced what religious people called being born again. I have faith in mankind, and in our existence as future explorers of the Universe that we all call home. Nuff said. See ya later.