Howdeez, Velcommonn Due Ze Randallmckay Veb Blog

Hello, I decided to start a blog because I would like to document some things about my life. Like what I think from time to time, when I think at all, and just stuff about what I like, and dislike. Yes, there is that possibility as well.

Anyway, I start this off knowing I’m one in 7 billion people on this planet who have ideas, share them, and need and appreciate someone to relate to in their lives. I am one of these people, and I am proud of it. But not to waste time…

My name is David Randall McKay. I was born in the year 1981 in Houston, Texas. I have traveled the Eastern coast line of the United States, the Mid West, and even the Rocky Mountains several times. I have written a rock album, written a book, and experienced what religious people called being born again. I have faith in mankind, and in our existence as future explorers of the Universe that we all call home. Nuff said. See ya later.




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