The Multi-Conscious Mind and How to Use It Psychically


Hi, this is my second post. It is about a theory about consciousness, and how it pertains to what parapsychologists call psychic events. 

Parapsychology is easy to understand. Not to be confused with regular old ‘psychology’, Parapsychology extends way beyond just what is happening in our own minds and focuses on how our minds work with and interact with other minds around us. Here’s an example:

A man is thinking about his recently deceased girlfriend. He is thinking about the last time he saw her, when a friend comes up and says, “Wow, you look down. Did someone die?”

What made the friend think such a thing, just from seeing a friend for just a few seconds? Could it be posture? Body language? Or maybe a sad expression? Or, could it be that such a traumatic event occurring within an individual cannot be contained, thus it is picked up by everyone around them.

We have minds. Yes. Not just one. But many. They exist in the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The left side is your mom’s consciousness, the right side is your Dad’s. The left side Mom’s is made up of her Mom’s and Dad’s, just like your right side Dad’s is made up of his Mom’s and Dad’s consciousness. Kind of confusing? Here’s a diagram:



Sorry, that’s my college Id. Here’s the diagram:




Anyway, both sides of the brain are split over and over again, each split being your ancestors consciousnesses going back in time all the way back to when everything was primitive. Like cave men. Even before that, when humans were just worms, or something like that. So, in effect, that same worm consciousness is still inside you, way down deep in the lower level parts of the brain (maybe in the brain stem area). And here’s the fun part–all of these consciousnesses are still alive inside you.

Remember that little voice you hear sometimes, telling you to do something, or warning you to slow down, or go faster, or wash the dog, or all those other things you remember sometimes. Well, it’s not because you are crazy. It’s because that you are telling yourself to do these things. But how can you tell yourself something? Isn’t there only ‘one’ of you? Wrong. There is a lot of you. That voice is one of many consciousnesses that are trapped inside your brain’s physiology that is communicating with you. Yes, you are you, but remember you are also your Mom, and your Dad. Think of these voices as really being your Mom’s voice, or your Dad’s.

When it comes to biology, we are bilateral creatures. Meaning we can be divided equally into two parts if you were to split us down the middle from our heads to our butts. Why two sides? Because we come from two different people–guess who.

Your Mom is your left side, the so called submissive side, and your right side is your Dad, the dominant side. If you are male, the right side is more pronounced and you have a submissive/submissive feminine nature. If you are female, then you have a submissive/dominant side that is masculine in nature. These are characteristics vary in degree of behavior display, and can be altered by choice to suit certain situations. Thus you can have ‘gay’ people, who are using their submissive sides more than their dominant one that is evident the phenotype of their sex. There’s way more to it, too, like left handed people, and so much more. Phew … that’s a lot to type.


So these different right side, left side, female, male, submissive, dominant consciousnesses are all boiling under the surface of who we are. That’s why we have ‘split’ brain syndromes, ‘split’ personality disorders, voices in our heads, and a myriad of so many other different so called ailments going on in our heads that have a seemingly ‘twoness’ to them.

Way cooler is that you are still you. Yes. There might be crap loads of different people that are roaming around in your head, all talking to each other under the surface in your subconscious, like the worm talking to your Mom, but you are still you. You are your own person. You have this kind of outer being that is seen by other people that is perceived as being just one person. And it’s this oneness that is most true. Sure, your Mom might remind you of something, and your Dad might direct traffic, but they are doing it in the shell that is you. And this you is separate from them. It is like, you are not you unless you are viewed as being you from the outside. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you don’t exist at all unless some else does too. Weird. Yeah, I know. Go Schrodinger’s cat

Anyway, I’m tired of writing. I’ll try to explain about how all this ties into psychic phenomenon in the part Deux of this article. It will be about how you can use your consciousness for ESP, telekinesis, Chi, and other kinds of psychic things like remote viewing. It’s all pretty self explanatory, and all you need is an open mind. But considering how much junk I just put in there, you might need to forget everything I just said and come back later. ha ha.

Anyway, I leave you with a song. Peace.





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