Part V: Mind Power…Squared!


No. Male pattern baldness is Not indication you have psychic powers.

Previously in Part IV: Awakening, a list was started outlining a few psychic so-called powers that the mind can do with a little practice.

But what was left out is the catalyst, how to prepare the brain for such psychic endeavors. Granted there are a lot of people out there, right now, trying to move things with their minds, insanely trying to read other people’s thoughts, and being a general nuisance to society by going around dressed like an Xman and spouting berating obscenities about what they think is inside of your coat pocket–shit like this happens all the time. But here’s the gist: Not only are these people genuinely crazy, they’re also not sufficiently prepared to use their minds in such invasive ways. It takes something happening to you to get you ready. What it takes is throwing your brain gears into overdrive.

Once you have reached said Overdrive, then it is quite easy for your brain to use this new gear for good. But how is it done, and what does it mean on a biological level. Drum roll, please.

The brain emits electrical waves. Wait, you didn’t know that? Shame on you. Yeah, I hate to tell you but being human doesn’t mean you are separate from everything else on the planet for some stupid reason. Everything emits electricity. And like I mentioned before, it’s in the form of electrons.

Basically, the brain has four gears, according to neuroscience. They are these:


Wait, who cares? Right? Just hear me out. These waves are your thoughts, captured in real time. They are like, your left and right sides of the brain communicating at different speeds, man. Way cool. See how the Delta waves are spaced apart more than the Theta, Alpha, and Beta waves? That’s the difference. When you think deeply, or inwardly, you use Delta waves. When you think outwardly, and superficially–not a bad thing–you use more Beta action. Kind of sexy isn’t it?

So what the scruff does it have to do with ESP or the sort? Once again, everything. These waves are responsible for how you get ‘in tune’ with the world around you. Some people are chugging out Deltas, and some are spewing Betas. It’s up to you, to be able to read which one, latch on, and ‘connect’ with them. Quantum entanglement does this all the time, but that’s a whole other cat in the bag.

But there is another kind of brain wave thought of not to be so easily acquired. It’s called Gamma brain waves. Yes, it does sound like a bad Sci-fi movie term.

Gamma waves are supposedly the tip-top of the brain wave pattern index, and having once achieved this kind of pulsating electrical rhythm in the brain, all other forms of brain waves come under its spell. Kind of like if a computer were to become self-sensient. That means if your laptop suddenly sprang to life after you’ve been playing minesweeper for the last sixteen hours on it, and it judiciously decided to fry your genitalia into never playing a stupid video game ever again.

wheels falling off

Like a car, once you’ve hit that fifth gear, it’s as fast as she can go until the wheels fall off. The other gears were just there to get you to fifth gear.

Basically, Gamma waves mean that the brain has become aware of itself. Remember when you where a baby? Of course you don’t. You were in pure Delta or Theta wave city, baby. Always asleep, always dreaming of the big nipple in the sky. Do you remember when you became aware that you were an actual living thing separate from everyone else in the room. If you do, you were probably around six or seven, and it was a sudden realization at that. That was your brain reaching a different gear of self-awareness. Shoddy new sciency people call it going Meta, but it’s more than just a slick new term–by learning to separate your place among the reality really going on around you, you are precipitating a new cognitive awareness that has everything to do with becoming smarter, stronger, and more mature, and more importantly, why you’re all here: everything to do with using your new meta-perception of reality to achieve psychic awareness.

This kind of cognitive awareness has been captured using brain scans and the like, but no one has tested the abilities of the individuals in the mode of Gamma wave distribution…until now.

What you see is who you are, and if who you are is what you see, then seeing is believing that the thing you see can see you back.



You have to get to the Gamma wave stage first to able to control psychic powers effectively. A few posts back I discussed–with my self–how achieving Enlightenment is a sure sign that Gamma waves are now functioning inside your head. Once enlightened, you have reached the next stage of self-awareness. Just like no more are you the baby who doesn’t know he or she even exists, or the kid who thinks that he or she is the only thing that is real, now you are the wizened sage that sees themselves through the world’s eyes. Deep, yes. Complex, no.

See, it’s a natural process of self awakening. And now you’ve reached the point of awareness usually only retained for saints or people dying their last breath on their death beds. Only, you’ve managed to reach this new way of perceiving the world around you years before death, and many prayers before becoming a priest.

So, as previously mentioned, where the hell does it all come from? Why do we grow up, increasing our brain waves, attaching them onto other living things and so on? It’s all for one thing, baby, but all you atheists don’t want to hear it because it makes you feel significantly smaller in the universe because you have an inferiority complex, so I won’t say it has to do with realizing there’s a creator, and leave it at that.


Well, guess what. It totally is.

I know I didn’t get to continuing the list of mind powers today, so I’ll let it slide to next time, when the day is long, summer is here and we have time to reflect on the day’s past and where this crazy, crazy life is really taking us. It’s only life, after all.

Until then, enjoy…




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