The Ones We Never Meet

In your life, you run across people everyday going about their day usual, and never think twice about ever seeing them again. You meet people at school, at work, on the street and maybe you say hello, even. But it still does not occur to you that this is a one off moment in time, a singular meeting taking place within the fabric of reality that comes so fast and is gone so that you only ponder in retrospect, what could have been.

Maybe you could have made a new life long friend. Maybe a budding romance had been waiting to happen. Who knows?

And then, there are the ones we never meet, but always hear about. Through television, through media, through word of mouth. Heroes , legends, people who you seem to know so much about, but have never seen. You watch them grow, on the movie screen, in the tabloids, you watch them achieve success, fail, and live out their dynamic life almost as if their lives were adjacent to your own. What about these people? We watch them fade, and eventually celebrate their lives as they pass from this world into the next one.

Maybe the reason why we don’t stop to cherish these quick moments with strangers is because it hurts to much to think about never seeing them again for the rest of time. Because that’s a long time. That’s the rest of the time of the universe. Just one quick hello. Just one smile. Just one handshake. Make it count. Put your best foot forward. Because you never know when the first time is the last.

I am David McKay. I was born under an October moon in the year of 1981, when the wind was cooler, and remnants of an even colder war were still fading from the red horizon. 






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