Questioning the Mind of Nature: How Consciousness is Structured Within the Physical Brain


Questioning the Mind of Nature:

How Consciousness is Structured Within the Physical Brain

By David McKay

Biology Undergraduate UNT



The human mind will always be a mystery. Its inner workings will always be replete with undiscovered tinkerings and nuances that no man will ever be able to completely document in one lifetime. There is a reason for this, though. It is not supposed to be completely understood. Imagine where you would be if you knew everything there is to know about the world around you. What point would there be left to continue to keep moving, to keep searching? What would continue to drive you onward, even though you know what lie ahead, and behind, and up and down? I believe in that, in that sad moment, you would cease to exist completely. But then, where would you go? You see, it’s quite impossible to completely know everything, and I think once we, as seekers of knowledge, have realized this maxim it’s full potential, then we would be privy to not only the most profound of discoveries, but also attain the joy and inherent happiness of not knowing something completely. Because if ignorance is bliss, then knowingness must be quite the opposite. But then, upon knowing something, there is always the question of ‘why’. Why does something occur, why does something exist? If 2+2 indeed equals 4, then why is that so? This is the beginning of human thought, of our animal existence as men of nature.


To question the human mind, is to question the mind of nature, itself.


When I think of people, I think of all the people that made up those people. All those creatures that came together over the course of history that made up this singular individual did so for the sole purpose of survival. It takes exactly two separate individuals, themselves comprised of millions upon millions of combinations of two separate individuals, to create another single contained individual of their own making. It can be visualized much like the russian nesting toy that contains copies of itself inside of itself. Each one is slightly different, but necessary to complete the whole picture of the outer shell. This is not a new idea, but what is lacking in this vision is the concept that each toy nested within another is not just a single entity, but two. While it is true there is only one toy, there are two dimensions that the toy exists in. When looking at the human body, we make the mistake of assuming that there is only one physical body inhabiting space time, when in fact there are two. In biology this is called a sagittal plane perspective, whereby every biological system can be separated down the middle into two equal parts.


But what is the significance of such a division? We have two eyes, two ears, two arms and legs, even two sides of the heart. This division must have a purpose, and, more importantly, and origin. This division is one of simple physics. Two equal sides encourage a center, a balance, or homeostasis–to use a similar term–that allows for automatic function within a species; one that is a combination of its parental parts, yet separate and still growing, still evolving as it were into a new, greater species.


I am speaking of evolution. Our physical, biological bodies are of two identifiable entities, observed: One male part, one female part–a species’ mother and father. But I am also speaking of consciousness evolution. This posits that each side of the brain as a whole contains within it the ancestors of the mother and the father, expressed in the current individual. The left side, usually viewed as the female side, houses it’s own female and male parts, and the right side, for the father, contains male and female aspects, i.e. the current individual’s grandparents, great grandparents, and so forth, laddering back through time within the certain species. This process occurs to a point where the first two organisms to cross would have procreated on planet Earth for the first time. Basically, what we have here is the evolution of man’s consciousness housed within two mindframes occurring in left and right quadrants of the brain. That each two are separate entities, such as your mother and father were before they converged into one–yourself–and each are quite still independent of each other under one skull, yet still are able to communicate with each other in a biological and conscious manner using ‘bridges’ or ‘gaps’ brought on by physical structures like the corpus callosum and other features of the brain that converge into points of singularity (i.e. the pineal and pituitary gland).


What I have described was first recorded as a theory by Wigans, a behavioral scientist in the early 20th century. Autopsies presupposed Wigans to conclude that each side of the human brain was completely independent and capable of ‘living’ without the other side, able to perform all functions as it were, without the input of each of the other sides of the brain. This dissociation theory was further explored in split brain patients in the early 21st century when scientists were trying to understand the dual nature of split brain patients who had had their corpus callosum cut in order to prevent grand mal seizures.


It is quite clear that the human body is of a symmetrical order, only rarely crossing over into the ‘other’s’ territory, so to speak. And this crossing over is done via small detours as seen in nerve endings and their affiliated ganglions.


What significance does the theory that each half of the brain houses two separate communicating entities–mother/father–? This theory indicates that you are not just one person, but millions upon millions of other human beings in one body; that not only did your body evolve over millions of years to acclimate to the current conditions at the time, but that so did your consciousness along with it. That buried deep down in the so called ‘reptilian mind’ is in fact a living entity of that mind.


This dual natured mind/body combination has profound implication. That each entity is in itself still apparent in time and space, containing in itself all it’s previous memories, causations, and contributions on a consciousness, or in this case, a subconscious level, and that these reptilian and proto human minds are able to be ‘reckoned’ with at will by the observer, or the most recent form of the consciousness as it were in present time. These are what we call hidden memories, deluges from the past; in buddhist terms, previous lives, of which we are the reincarnates of the same particular past entity in present form, whether we have two arms, or two tentacles.


Imagine each side of the individual’s consciousness like a ladder. A DNA ladder. Where each structure of the piece, the containing sugar/phosphate sides represent a female/male construct. Then the rungs in between are actually the connecting pieces, where these two separate entities are in communication. Genetic coding indicates that our genes are in constant flux, breaking apart.


Let me reiterate that each half of the human brain is in constant communication with each other. Why would this be so? It is a proven fact that information is shared between the two hemispheres, but why would this be necessary? Why don’t we just have one continuous blob of a brain without separation between the two halves? This is because of the dual nature of nature, itself. It takes two to make one.


What my theory suggests is that our consciousness as well as our physical brain has evolved from our previous ancestors, that each half exists independently now, as it did back in time, and that each half is able to communicate with a certain ‘lower’ part of each half at will. This includes communication down the same line as one of the structures themselves, to a previous ancestor, and concurrently, across the gap of the corpus callosum, to communicate with the ‘unrelated’ ancestral species of a different time.


Drawing in laymen’s terms, away from what it already appears to be, your mom side could in fact communicate with her great great great father in law within one brain!


And, not stopping there, if evolution is correct, then it is possible that each side of the human mind is able to foresee and appropriately construct a working model of the future, yet to occur, by cross gap (neurological) communication. That basically, each side of the human brain allows a certain ‘leadership’ at given times to occur to accomplish tasks benefited to sustaining physical and mental evolution as seen by using those models of future events (ESP)*.


In conclusion, the mind is a complex combination of millions of minds come together as one, or two under one skull, and each part is a living, thinking, organism that depends on the whole structure to provide more input to keep operating, and to keep evolving. That most of all modern mental deficiencies stem from imbalances between these two hemispheres, and that the dual nature of the human mind is expressed as one continuously growing, moving, and evolving species whose only purpose is to find a ‘matching’ partner, to complete him or herself and make ‘two’ in nature for the purpose of creating yet another single individual for further replication, i.e. reincarnation.




Bayne, T. 2008. The Unity of Consciousness and the Split-Brain Syndrome, The Journal of Philosophy, 105(6), 277-300.  


* Next paper will deal primarily with ESP as a byproduct of human consciousness evolution