Biological Reflections

Biological Reflections By D. Randall McKay

A Personal Statement


In biology, we have Nuerons, this is what I understood from the lecture. These nuerons are responsible for how we communicate with ourselves, and with others. These nuerons are found in the body, all throughout the body, in fact. There is a lot in the stomach as well as in the spinal cord. The neurons ‘think’ about how to tell the body to react. They use neurotransmitters to do this. These neurons are responsible for who we are, and who we are to become.

I believe that these nuerons are responsible for evolution, and in the communication between the species, as a function.

    Without nuerons, there would be no memories. Nuerons ‘hold in place’ evolutionary adaptations ment for survival, and survive as chemical links in the nervous system. So basically, what I’m saying is that DNA is the ‘memory’ of our bodies’ minds. The complex DNA chains of the double helix indicate a wrapping nature, only found in nature, everywhere. At an angle of 1.16 degrees or so, the wrapping indicates a follow of the gravitational effects of the Earth, which translates to protein folding. So, when our genes ‘fold’ together, there is movement, so to speak, and the Great Dance begins. As we ‘reflect’ biologically our outside environs, we enhance this process, so to speak, once again. DNA mutation is the chink of the chain of DNA constants that applies to this criteria. Mutations lead to evolution, lead to our reactions in the state of nature.

    If you can see where I’m trying to go with this, I applaude you. You know more than I. But I am ‘reflecting’ what I have learned over the past weekend or so, so thank you.

    In summary, I think our DNA is the sum total of our biological processes, both mentally, and physically, which is the same thing in some kind of language. Nuerons and nuerotransmitters are the mechanism by which a species’ communicates between it’s ‘selves’ and other individuals, and hence evolves over time.

Being able to use this, practically, though to what measure, is beyond me. Which could possibly include ESP or some sort of telekenises to the degree it is able to actually move matter, just by ‘thinking’ about it. What if DNA were able to control physical, unliving material to the effect it bypasses all neccessary physical control in the systems? I don’t know, you got me. I’m just reaching here, but there is a way, I believe chemically that once species of atom is able to manipulate another by sheer will. This might have to do with gravitons, and the degree to which their in motion with a fourth dimension, but it might be such in saying that all electronic mechanisms function this way. So, will I be turning into an Xman soon? Probably not. Do I believe that it is in our innateness to strive to become telekinetic? I sure do. What the birds do is partly because of this instinct. To separate, or controls one’s substance from another more powerful one–the Earth–without actually touching it.

In summation, I think that science is evolving to include psychological and biological evidence to support that DNA can be linked to the mind, i.e…consciousness, in a way that lays foundation to a new principle within the field of psychology.


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